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CPA MOMS™ is a community where professional moms no longer have to choose between a career OR a family. There are two tracks for accounting professionals. The Agency track is designed to match clients with talented CPA's who want flexibility as their own boss and who want the option to work from home. The Membership track is designed to connect accountants with a like-minded community of peers, and to empower, educate and provide resources for independent professionals that miss having access to information available in a firm. 

We are HIRING in the following markets:

San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA Irvine, CA
Orlando, FL
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA

Additional markets with client interest coming soon!

Be Represented by the Agency

We have generated over $375,000 of take home pay in CPAs pockets and growing!

Top 5 reasons to consider Agency representation:

  • I don't have time to get my own clients
  • I don't have enough clients
  • I don't consider myself a sales person
  • I don't have experience working as an independent consultant
  • I don't want to "reinvent the wheel" in setting up my systems

Become a Member

We have Members in 9 states after only 3 months and growing every month!

Top 5 reason to become a member:

  • I can feel isolated and want to connect with other CPAs
  • I can always learn more as a professional and personally
  • I can see value in sharing best practices and resources
  • I can use a few extra CPE hours
  • I can use a little fun & friendship with other professional moms


"When I first learned of CPA MOMS, I immediately connected to their vision
As a woman, a CPA and a mother, I am constantly pulled in multiple directions, trying to “succeed” in all of my roles in life. 
I experienced the corporate world of demanding deadlines and the 60 hr weekly “grind” while raising 3 children under the age of 6.
I stopped on numerous occasions, asking myself "is there a better way?"
For the sake of my children, I chose to resign from corporate America and came across CPA MOMS™.
I wanted to shout “Eureka!” For me, CPA MOMS™ provides me with the 
opportunity to develop my career AND serve clients without sacrificing my relationship with my family". 

– Weni, San Diego CPA MOM

 Not a Mom? Not a CPA? Not a licensed CPA??

Not a mom, but you are a licensed CPA? We do have limited instances where we work with women who are not moms.

Can we work with MEN? The answer is YES, we do have instances that we match clients with professional men that are licensed CPAs.

We are not presently providing client matches for professionals that are not licensed CPAs. However, ALL accounting professionals are welcome to be part of our membership. Things change and we may have a solution for you in the coming months. Also, you accounting professionals are eligible to participate in our trainings.

Once you complete the form below, we will contact you if there are opportunities in your area. You will also receive an invitation to participate as a Member to receive valuable training, resources and networking with other accounting professionals nationwide.

Next Step:

If you are interested in receiving more information about joining our CPA community or being represented by the Agency, please complete the information below. We do not sell lists or spam anyone – EVER!

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